At Least 6 Times He Should Have Died – May 5, 2012

Gregory Scott Daniel - Thank You LordBecause Scott’s story is so long I am going to attempt to give the highlights of the last 19 years.  I’m sure that many of you do not believe God intervenes in our lives to direct a specific outcome, but I do.  If you don’t, that is okay because everyone has free will to believe as they choose.

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Seventh Grader Urges President Obama to Deal with Drunk Driving

The Augusta Chronicle hosted a contest urging middle school kids to write a letter to new President Barack Obama about their ideas for improving our nation. An 8th grader named Anna Rutti wrote: “Another concern of mine is driving under the influence. Innocent people die every day because of drunk drivers. I would like you to make stricter laws about drinking while driving.”

MADD shares Anna’s concerns and hopes its Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving is a priority for the new administration.
January 20, 2009

Drunk Driving Crash Changes Life in an Instant

Color Her Incredible!

Drunk driving crash victims / survivors John and Joan Miller

What would you do, if a drunk driving crash injured your brain, and:

  • your skull broke into 24 pieces?
  • doctors predicted you’d remain in a vegetative state if you survived?
  • you had to relearn to swallow, talk, see, balance, think, walk, tie your shoes, etc.?
  • you had three surgeries to stop seeing double, then one and a half years of vision therapy?
  • you could never drive again?
  • your short-term memory continued to be frustratingly compromised?
  • you were still paying off more than a million dollars in medical bills, nine years after your crash and injuries (and after your insurance paid)?

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Scott Someday – Nov 29, 2007

Someday Scott will be able to update this web site himself. Until then, I will do my best to record his story as I think he would have wanted me to.
Tommy Daniel

On Monday evening of March 8th, 1993, my son Gregory Scott Daniel was on his way to visit a friend in Birmingham, Alabama. He had driven between four and five miles from home when he was hit head on by a drunk driver.

God allowed Scott to live even though the doctors thought it was impossible for him to survive. The Lord has a purpose for allowing Scott to survive this long. He has touched many lives over the years, but what God’s real purpose is, we may not know until we find out in heaven.

Until the day Scott can do this himself, we can only cherish what God has done for him. Enjoy the artwork Scott did and hopefully learn something from Scott’s story.

A Story Of Hope – Gregory Scott Daniel

Gregory Scott Daniel Pre 1993
Scott pre 1993

This is the story of what has happened to my oldest son, what has happened to him since 1993 and God’s mercies, healing, and direction in his life.

Gregory Scott Daniel - car
Scotts car

In 1993 Scott was hit head on by a drunk driver and suffered injuries that no human should survive.

However, thanks to God’s intervention and our prayers, He spared Scott’s life.

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