The Lord Be With You And With Your Spirit – November 10, 2017

The Many Miracles of GodWe really could have titled this website “The Many Miracles of God” because there have been miracle after miracle over the past 24 ¾ years and they haven’t stopped yet.

Many of you may not believe the new miracles I am about to relate to you, but they happened and I have no way to explain them except they are just another miracle from God. Read more The Lord Be With You And With Your Spirit – November 10, 2017

Scott Is Doing Fine – Sep 1, 2012

A Day of Care Giving – Gregory Scott Daniel

Being a Caregiver Gregory Scott DanielI am going to do this update a little different from previous updates.  Scott is doing just fine, or at least as well as can be expected but there may be some who are considering taking care of a loved one in the home or perhaps will have to make that decision in the future.  The following will give you some idea of what to expect.

 As you are probable aware, Scott suffers from a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury).  Scott is on a ventilator 24/7 and is fed through a feeding tube (g-tube) going through his abdomen into the stomach.  Below is a list of things that have to be done.  I am beginning the list at 8:00 AM in the morning and going through the schedule for 24 hours.

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Weaning Process – Nov 22, 2009

(click image for details)
(click image for details)

Eight weeks ago we began the process of trying to wean Scott from the ventilator (respirator, breathing machine).

At the time we started weaning, Scott was on a vent setting of AC of 14 breaths per minute.

The AC setting basically means that the machine will give him 14 breaths each minute regardless of how many breaths he takes on his own.

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Fast forward, latest on Scott – Oct 30, 2009

Praise the Lord. Two things have happened recently that I am very happy about.

First, we have now been out of the hospital over 16 months and secondly, the doctor finally agreed to beginning Scott’s weaning process off the ventilator here at home.

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Brain Injuries

Brain Tissue In Traumatic Injuries Regenerated

brain-tissueAn injectable biomaterial gel may help brain tissue grow at the site of a traumatic brain injury, according to findings by a Clemson University bioengineer.

Research by assistant professor of bioengineering Ning Zhang shows that the biomaterial gel made up of both synthetic and natural sources has the potential to spur the growth of a patient’s own neural stem cells in the body, structurally repairing the brain injury site.

In previous lab studies, Zhang has demonstrated the reconstruction of a complete vascular network at the injury site as an initial step toward brain tissue regeneration.

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