Thanks be to God – May 13, 2016

Just a quick update on Scott’s current status.  For someone bedridden, tube fed, and on a ventilator he is doing very well, thank the Lord.Thanks be to God

His doctor reminded me recently that Scott has not been in the hospital since October 2014.  For someone in his condition that might be a world record.  Close to two years.  Perhaps I should submit that to Guinness.  LOL 

Seriously, most patients on a ventilator are usually in the hospital with pneumonia or some other ailment every few months.

I do give Scott real food supplements daily, and my belief is that God is using these supplements to keep Scott well, just as He used them in 2005 when Scott was dying from pneumonia.   Just for the record, these supplements are not what healed Scott but they do give his body what it needs to heal itself.  God made our body to heal itself, and stay well, if we give it the right nutrition.

My concern right now is finding the right feeding formula.  Every function of the body is determined by what we put in it, so we want to make sure we get the right food.  If you believe in prayer, please ask God to give us the right formula and to keep Scott well.  Until next time, God bless. 


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