Miracles Happen – Thanks Be To God – Sep 25, 2016

Update on Scott and his condition.miracles-gregory-scott-daniel

Saturday morning , 9/10/2016 at 4:30AM Scott’s nurse woke me and said Scott’s pulse rate had jumped to 240 beats per minute.  Of course I jumped out of bed and went into  his room and did everything I could think to do to get his pulse rate down. 

After trying for about 30 minutes I called the paramedics and they transported him to the hospital.  When he got there they immediately rushed him into a treatment room and shocked his heart to stabilize it. 

His heart rate dropped to the 90-100 range.  They then did x-rays, took blood, urine, and did a CT Scan.  They found that he had a urinary tract infection and admitted  him for five days. 

During that time they ran a number of tests but we still do not know what caused Scott’s pulse rate to go so high.

One thing I do know, God is still in charge and when He gets ready for him He will take him.

Since we have been back home Scott has stabilized.  His pulse rate is normal and it appears his urinary tract infection is gone.

Please keep him in your prayers.  It seems God is not through with him yet. ~ Tommy

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