A Story Of Hope – Gregory Scott Daniel

Gregory Scott Daniel Pre 1993
Scott pre 1993

This is the story of what has happened to my oldest son, what has happened to him since 1993 and God’s mercies, healing, and direction in his life.

Gregory Scott Daniel - car
Scotts car

In 1993 Scott was hit head on by a drunk driver and suffered injuries that no human should survive.

However, thanks to God’s intervention and our prayers, He spared Scott’s life.

Although Scott has been disabled with TBI and other health challenges since March, 1993, he is still alive and God is still blessing us.

We are now home again after his last hospital stay of 2 years and 9 months.During that stay I was told ontwo different occasions that Scott was going to die.He had pneumonia for about 2 years before we went into the hospital but it was undiagnosed until December 6, 2004.

You will read in these pages how God has intervened and saved Scott’s life on many occasions.Because I do not want to spoil the whole story for you I am only going to tell you 2 of God’s miracles while Scott was in the hospital this last time.

Scott Now
Scott Now

From December 2004 to July 2005 the doctors fought Scott’s pneumonia with antibiotics and other unconventional treatments that kept Scott alive.After they finally convinced me Scott was going to die, probably within a month, I signed a ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ on him.Within a week, God sent me to a web site that talked about nutrition that builds the immune system from the cellular level.

This made so much sense I ordered it and started giving it to Scott.Within 3 weeks Scott’s immune system built up enough to help the antibiotics fight off the last of his pneumonia.His weight has gone from 124.4 pounds at that time to about 180 lbs currently.

The second miracle I will tell you about was about 6 months later when fluid built up on Scott’s brain and the shunt he had to drain fluid off his brain had to be removed.When surgeon removed the shunt he found that the end of the shunt had migrated into Scott’s bowel and he pulled feces through Scott’s body and out his head.

This was another time the doctor’s thought he was going to die but they gave him antibiotics and I gave him nutrition and he fought off a massive infection in only 8 days.

This nutrition was what God used to allow Scott’s body to heal, the most amazing thing I have ever seen.If you would like to know about this, please contact me here or send an email to tommy@gregoryscottdaniel.com and I will be happy to send you the information.

May God bless you as He has and is blessing us.

Tommy Daniel, Scott’s father.