Fast forward, latest on Scott – Oct 30, 2009

Praise the Lord. Two things have happened recently that I am very happy about.

First, we have now been out of the hospital over 16 months and secondly, the doctor finally agreed to beginning Scott’s weaning process off the ventilator here at home.

Scott has been on the ventilator continuously since Dec 6, 2004 so his body has to be weaned very slowly. This cannot be done in a hospital setting because it would take too long and take up a bed that might be needed for a more critical patient. I now have to make the nurses who come from midnight until 8 AM, understand how critical keeping the mucus out of his lungs really is.

The setting the doctor put Scott on basically insures that he gets a certain number of breaths per minute. If he takes a breath on his own then it does not give him one. This is called SIMV mode. The AC mode he has been on for several years gives a certain number of breaths regardless of how many breaths Scott takes on his own.

The only concern now is, will his body adjust and if so when he is completely weaned will he continue to breath when he goes into a deep sleep.

Please pray these things will happen.

I will write more about the past 16 months as soon as time allows.

Tommy Daniel

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