Delayed update on Scott – Aug 10, 2008

Re: Gregory Scott Daniel

Hi folks,

Sorry I have not been able to give you an update for some time.

On January 10, 2008 Scott went into the hospital with gallbladder problems. After several tests the Doctor decided the gallbladder had to be removed.

Right after the operation, while still in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), his blood pressure began to drop and went to 50/45. All Scott’s internal organs went into shock and shut down. We were watching him dying.

Thank God Scott’s surgeon was in the ICU at the time. He ordered 2 emergency units of blood, rushed Scott back to the operating room and opened him up again. Although he did not find anything to cause his pressure to drop the way it did, Scott’s blood pressure came back up. The doctors cannot explain why it went down or why it came back.

Then unexpectedly, a few days later, his white blood cell count went up to 49,000 and he went into a coma. His body swelled up to almost twice its normal size.

Apparently all of this was caused by antigens in the blood transfusion, which were somehow wrong for Scott’s body. For the emergency operation, the lab did not have time to match the blood specifically for Scott. Now in the coma, he was given blood precisely typed for him, after which nothing else could be done medically except to wait. It took several days before everything started functioning again.

Again, the doctors had not thought that Scott would live through this. However, as in the past, God in his mercy performed yet another miracle and Scott came out of his coma after 8 long days

That was 5 months ago. After less dramatic ups and downs, we are finally back home since June 30th. Scott seems so much more contented here than in hospital. I spend many hours a day caring for him but it is worth every bit of it and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

We still need and appreciate your prayers. It is almost unbelievable the miracles God has performed in Scott and I can never thank Him enough.

Scott’s grateful father,

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  1. We praise God that Scott Daniel is home again after being in the hospital for six months. The doctors almost gave up on him again, but his faithful father with God’s help, willed him to strive to make it. Please keep him on your urgent prayer lists.
    ~ Kellyton Community news; August 31st

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