Update on Scott July 2011

Gregory Scott Daniel UpdateI have not done an update on Scott’s condition in a while now but when everything is the same day after day there doesn’t seem to be a reason.

About 3 weeks ago we had to take Scott to the Emergency Room because he began to run a very high temperature.  When we arrived they did blood work and his white cell count was 55,000.  Those of you in the medical field will understand this is very serious.  For those of us not in the medical field it means he had a raging infection of the type that would kill many people.

We finally got Scott into a bed in the ICU at 4 AM on Monday morning.  They began giving him 2 different antibiotics and by Thursday morning when they did his blood work the white cell count was down to 10,000 which is in the high normal range.  Amazing that it dropped that rapidly.  We came back home on Friday morning.

The reason for the infection was a bed sore Scott has had for several years.  We thought we had it healed 2 or 3 times but each time it came back.  A few months ago I found what is called a “tunnel” going away from the sore.  The tunnel has been there all along but no one noticed.  Scott is now on a special bed and using a Wound Vacuum which suctions out any secretions continuously and allows the wound to heal.

I am convinced that Scott’s body has been fighting that infection for some months before it finally just overwhelmed his immune system.  Without going into a lot of detail there were a number of signs that lead me to think this way.  His nurses also agree because there doesn’t seem to be any other explanation.

If you have read the rest of  Scott’s story you will know I started giving Scott certain nutritional supplements in July 2005 and have continued ever since.  I firmly believe that because he had such a strong immune system his body was able to fight that infection for months before becoming overwhelmed.

The strong immune system was also the reason his white cell count dropped so rapidly.  His body’s immune system was able to help the antibiotics fight the infection.  Most people do not have as good an immune system as Scott and that is the reason they succumb to bad infections like that.  Antibiotics alone cannot cure, the body must be able to help.

Thank the Lord I now have some help.  Alabama Medicade  has a program that because of rule changes, Scott now qualifies and I will be getting a nurse 12 hours a day 7 days a week.  This is like being on vacation compared to being tied down 16 hours a day.

Thanks to my son Kirk especially, and son-in-law Shon I have been able to get 8 hours sleep most nights for the past couple of years.  Without that I don’t know how I would have made it.

I would like to thank each of you for your prayers and hope you will keep praying for Scott and continue to watch for God’s miracles.


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