God Has a Purpose – May 14, 2014

Gods-purpose Gregory Scott DanielScott has been doing very well and I thank the Lord for that. I do not know how much longer God is going to leave him on this earth but I thank Him for every additional minute.
I believe God has a purpose for all his children and when we have served His purpose and “fought the good fight” as Paul said, God will call us home. Perhaps God is going to use this website to touch someone who has a drinking problem, needs glyconutrition for a health problem, or possibly just needs to be reminded that there is truly a God who loves them. Whatever it is I pray God will continue to use Scott to fulfill His purpose.
As for me, I spend 12 hours a day, 7 days a week as caregiver for Scott. I do have nurses come in 12 hours each night so I can sleep. I do get to leave the house about an hour or so each week to do things such as go to the doctor, give blood, get a haircut, etc. By the standards of this world, I do not have a life but I think God has put me just where He wants me, so I would not have it any other way.
I have been asked many times about the glyconutritional supplements that I give Scott. If you have read through Scott’s story you will remember that in 2005 Scott was given 30-60 days to live because of pneumonia. God sent me to a website about a supplement that built the immune system from the cellular level. I obtained the supplement and within 3 weeks of giving Scott the supplements, his immune system built up enough for his body to help the antibiotics fight off the last of the pneumonia. Thank God he has not had pneumonia since and has not been in the hospital for any reason since July 2013. Then he was in there for an infection where he needed IV antibiotics. Because of his immune system and the antibiotics we were only there 4 days.
Medical professionals tell me that it is remarkable that Scott is in such good health when others in his bedridden condition are in the hospital every couple of months. I thank God He has taken care of Scott so well.
Since I have had requests for information about supplements, my friend Al is going to help me make changes and additions to this website that I hope will be of help to you. In the meantime, If you have any questions I can answer for you, contact me Here or call me any day after 11AM Central time at 205-534-0242. If I don’t know the answer to your question I will find out for you.
Until next time, God bless each and every one of you.