Scott’s Update – Oct 24, 2014

God's will be done Gregory Scott DanielI am going to try to give you an update on Scott and please forgive me if I ramble somewhat.
On September 19, 2014, Scott was having seizures, high blood pressure, low blood oxygen, and high pulse rate. After determining I had done all I knew to do, I called an ambulance to transport him to the hospital. That night they determined he was septic from an unknown infection, had a blood clot in his abdominal area, excess fluid on the brain, blood pressure dangerously high, and pulse rate as high as 177. I will not bore you with everything they did but they did one thing I have never seen before.
Because of the high pulse rate, the cardiologist was sure Scott had a heart problem so he gave him an EKG and injected something to stop Scott’s heart for about 5 seconds. He found no problem with his heart.
We finally were discharged on October 21, 2014. If my math is correct that is 32 days.
During the first 3 days I would not have given Scott much chance of making it, but I did pray for God’s healing as did many, many of you, and God listened. I am not sure I did the right thing.
I now wonder if I should have been praying that ‘God’s Will Be Done’ instead of my will. Was I being selfish? Absolutely!
I never want to lose one of my children even if I am sure they will go to heaven. Pam always said she “did not want to outlive her children” and I suppose I feel the same way.
I think Children should bury the parents, not the other way around. God bless those of you who have had to bury children. I cannot even imagine what you went through. No one else can, who has not been through it.
Several Doctors have suggested that since Scott doesn’t have much quality of life, I should stop his feeding and let him go. I would never even consider doing anything like that for I believe it is murder. Only God should determine whether someone lives or dies.
I probably have rambled enough now but the next time Scott gets sick and you are asked to pray for him, just pray that ‘God’s Will Be Done’. I will try to pray the same and really mean it.
My prayer now is that Jesus will return soon and take us with Him; then we don’t have to worry about death.
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