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I’m Tommy Daniel, the father of Gregory Scott Daniel.

This is very much my story also but everything revolves around Scott.

In 1993, at age 29, while on his way to visit a friend, Scott was hit head on by a drunk driver. Because of the accident he sustained injuries including severe TBI which doctors said were medically impossible to survive. Following 8 hours of emergency surgery, he was ‘brought back” 3 times and was expected to die in the intensive care unit. Every doctor who has looked over his medical records are amazed that he is still alive.

What the doctors didn’t understand, and what I believe, is that God is in control and has a purpose for allowing Scott to live. Some of the details of his injuries are not for the weak of heart. However, if you can, please read our story and tell others so that they may learn what God has done, is doing and is going to do through Scott. You could possibly save a life, because most people who drink do not consider what can possibly happen, not just loss of life or injury, but the break up of families.

If You Are A Drinker

If you drink and drive, please visualize yourself in Scott’s place and read some of what has happened to Scott. Imagine the tremendous pain that you will endure.

Your life, as you know it will be taken away and all your plans for the future will be gone. You will be able to remember certain things but cannot make sense of them because the links to make them complete, have been broken and your brain cannot access them.

You can see a friend or relative and 10 minutes later, not remember you have seen them.

Or you might put yourself in the place of the person that hit him. Consider that, if you have a conscience, you are going to have to live the rest of your life remembering that you took a person’s life away.

You caused him unimagined pain initially and on-going pain for as long as he lives. You kept him from raising his children, deprived his children of a father, wife of a husband, and kept him from realizing his dreams. He is completely dependent on someone else for everything.

Now consider how fortunate you are that your life and future are still ahead of you. You are not dependent on anyone but yourself. You can raise your children, realize your dreams and have a future. And you will never need to try to forget what your drinking and getting behind the wheel of a car did to another human being.

Update On Drunk Driver

I have received several emails asking what happened to the woman who hit Scott so I am going to answer that question here. She suffered crushed legs from the accident and will probable never walk without a limp. When she went to court, the Judge and DA wanted to put her in prison for 15 years.

At the time of the accident, she had twin boys who were 18 months old and I believed, and still do, that the only ones who would be hurt by sending her to prison were her two sons. I realized it would not have helped Scott, or anyone, to send her to prison so I talked the judge into giving her probation and community service.

I do not know how she is doing now as I have not seen her in at least 10 years. I did talk to her mother several years ago and was assured that she was no longer drinking. I pray this is the case.

Summing Up

To quickly sum up the past almost 15 years , Scott spent 5 years in a nursing home, has been in the hospital 17 times, was home with me for about 6 of those years.  He spent 2 years 9 months in the hospital from Dec 2004 to Sept 2007.  Both Scott’s sons are now grown and on their own attending college and working to pay tuition and living expenses.

Scott himself remains bedridden, paralyzed on his right side and his left hip is frozen in place because of arthritis. He is on a ventilator continuously now and is having problems with his bowels which keeps us from doing weaning trials from the vent.  Although it appears Scott is getting worse, I don’t think so.  Perhaps I’m wrong and he will continue to get worse.  I don’t know how the body heals and neither does anyone other than God.  It may be, like the old saying, “you have to get worse before you get better”.  I see little things that lead me to think Scott is getting better.

Contact Me

I realize I have not included many of the things that have happened and if I did you probably would not have time to sit down and read it all.

However, please contact me and I will try to answer any questions you might have. Perhaps what I am learning with Scott might be of benefit to you or one of your loved ones. You can reach me at Contact Form. I will get back to you just as soon as possible.

Please believe that I do not mind helping in any way I can. I have been asked on several occasions to go to the hospital and talk to parents of other head injured children and I have always found a way to make time and God willing, I will find a way to make time for you.

May God bless each and every one of you for taking time to read this and I pray it has helped you and been a blessing in some way.

Tommy Daniel

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