out of difficulties grow miracles
out of difficulties grow miracles

Scott’s Full Story

Gregory Scott Daniel Pre 1993
Scott Pre 1993

This is the story of what has happened to my oldest son, what has happened to him since 1993 and God’s mercies, healing, and direction in his life. In 1993 Scott was hit head on by a drunk driver and suffered injuries that no human should survive. However, thanks to God’s intervention and our prayers, He spared Scott’s life.

If you would like to know more about our journey, please contact me here or send an email to tommy@gregoryscottdaniel.com and I will be happy to reply.

May God bless you as He has and is blessing us.

Tommy Daniel, Scott’s father.

The Accident

In 1993 at age 29 Scott was hit head-on by a drunk driver and suffered injuries which seemed medically impossible to survive. more>>


scotts car


What a Parent Fears

This is the worst nightmare any parent can imagine and not something you would wish on your worst enemy. more>>

The Nightmare Begins

When Scott arrived at the hospital he was given 8 units of blood to get him on the operating table. Everything in the lower part of his stomach was pushed through his diaphragm into his chest. The doctor spent 8 hours putting everything back in place. more>>

2 Days to Live

After 24 hours Scott was finally stabilized enough for a routine CAT scan. This is when they found a massive head injury and had to do emergency brain surgery. Five days later the bleeding was back in his brain and they had to do a second brain surgery. When they did this the orthopedic surgeon put a pin in Scott’s hip with a weight attached in order to hold the bones together. This turned a blood clot loose that went into his lungs. more>>

Crisis After Crisis

After 7 ½ weeks in the Trauma Intensive Care Unit at Druid City Hospital Scott was transferred to University Hospital in Birmingham, AL to get his hip operated. more>>

Even the Best can be Wrong

After getting his hip operated on Scott was transferred to Spain Rehabilitation Hospital for 3 ½ weeks. At this time Scott was aware but not really alert so there wasn’t much they could accomplish with him. more>>

Be Diligent

After this we took Scott home for about 3 weeks when he got a urinary tract infection and had to be put back in the hospital for 2 months and then into a nursing home. more>>

The Research Project

A year after the accident Scott became a part of a research project on bacoflin pumps and as a result was the first head injury in the world to receive the pump. more>>

Another Setback

After 5 years this pump had to be replaced and almost immediately his health started to deteriorate. He lost use of his left arm which was the only one he could use. He went from pushing himself in his wheelchair, feeding himself, shaving, brushing his teeth, etc to not being able to do anything for himself.

After more than 2 years I finally talked the surgeon into removing the pump. When he removed the pump and sent Scott to a room, I could not get Scott awake and he stopped breathing. Because of this he had to be put back on a ventilator and spend another 3 months in the hospital. more>>

Everyday Life

After getting out of the hospital I took Scott home on a ventilator and cared for him at home. more>>

Back to the ER

During the next 2 years Scott would periodically spike a temperature. I would take him to the emergency room where they would do a chest X ray and tell me he possibly had pneumonia. Then the blood test results would come back and show infection. They would put him in the hospital for 5 days, give him antibiotics until his white cell count was down and then send him home.

On December 6, 2004 I took Scott to the emergency room when he was not running a temperature. They did a chest X ray and admitted him with pneumonia. For the next 7 months the doctors fought the pneumonia with as many as 3 antibiotics at a time. They used procedures that are not normally done on pneumonia patients just to keep him alive. His body was eating itself away trying to pull enough nutrition for his immune system to fight the pneumonia.

Everyone seemed to know that Scott was dying except me. Finally in June 2005 I realized that he really was dying and I put God in charge. Within 2 weeks God led me to a web site that talked about nutrition that worked at the cellular level to improve the immune system. They were natural food sourced nutritional supplements. I ordered the products and with the doctor’s permission began giving them to Scott on July 3, 2005. In 3 weeks Scott’s immune system built up enough to fight off the last of the pneumonia. more>>

Put God in Charge

I continued giving Scott this nutrition and his body has continued to heal. Still, in December 2005, Scott became less responsive and began to have seizures. Scott has had a shunt in his head for over twelve years to drain fluid from his brain, and this shunt has not worked in years. In January 2006 the CAT scan showed fluid build up on the brain.


The surgeon told me we could leave the shunt in and Scott would eventually die or he could take it out and there was a good chance he would die anyway from spinal meningitis. When the shunt was removed, it was found that the end of the shunt had gotten into his bowel and pulled feces through his body and out his head. Naturally this set up a massive infection. This was really a miracle sent from God because this was what was causing Scott’s unknown infections all those years.

When Scott was transferred to the Trauma, Surgical, Intensive Care Unit (TSICU) his doctors told the nurses that I was allowed to give Scott his supplements in his feeding tube. The nurses said they had never had a doctor tell them to let a family member give anything to a patient before. Between the antibiotics and the nutrition, Scott’s body fought off the infection in only 8 days.

It is now May 2006, Scott’s body is still healing and only God knows how much recovery he will make. more>>

More Miracles

It is now Spring, 2007 and many things have happened over the last months. I see that Scott has gotten weaker in the past months but I do not see him closer to death. As for my hope this scripture says it best. Romans 5:3-4 ‘And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience; And patience, experience; And experience, hope’.

As you read Scott’s Story you will understand why this and other scriptures mean so much to me. more>>

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