Updates on Scott

What's new - Gregory Scott DanielI’m determined to do more frequent updates on Scott, perhaps even weekly. Visitors to Scott’s website ask about Scott and pray for Scott and I’m so grateful for that.  

We now have a ‘Join our Mailing List’ button on the site. If you register we’ll let you know when there’s an update.

Brain Injury Awareness Month

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month and Army Medicine is taking this time to increase awareness about it. Watch this video to see Lt. Gen. Patricia D. Horoho’s message to the soldiers about how the Army is leading the charge in care, education, and technology to treat those with traumatic brain injuries.

Are nutritional supplements a waste of money?

Vegetables-Gregory Scott DanielDo we really need nutritional supplements — and would they even do us any good?

If we believe the naysayers, nutritional supplements like vitamins and minerals are worthless; no clinical vitamin/mineral trial has ever shown any benefit.

Besides, we′re told, we can get all our vitamins and minerals from a balanced diet.

Update on Scott July 2011

Gregory Scott Daniel UpdateI have not done an update on Scott’s condition in a while now but when everything is the same day after day there doesn’t seem to be a reason.

About 3 weeks ago we had to take Scott to the Emergency Room because he began to run a very high temperature.  When we arrived they did blood work and his white cell count was 55,000.  Those of you in the medical field will understand this is very serious.  For those of us not in the medical field it means he had a raging infection of the type that would kill many people.

Tuscaloosa Tornado

Tuscaloosa TornadoHello friends,

We are thankful that Scott and I are safe and well.

I have received calls and email asking how we are doing since the tornado hit Tuscaloosa on Wednesday and I am proud to tell you God watched over us and my home received no damage.

The tornado came through about 1/2 to 3/4 miles from us as the crow flies.