Out of the Coma – Feb 7, 2008

Gregory Scott Daniel

Dear friends and family,

Scott is completely out of the coma.

I think this latest problem was caused by one of the blood transfusion they gave him after his surgery.

Something in the blood was wrong for Scott and his body started trying to reject it and caused a dangerous high white cell count. It did not start going down until I started giving him his nutrition again in his feeding tube. (with his doctor’s permission). I couldn’t give it to him before because of an inflamed pancreas.

His white cell count has gone from 49K down to 27K in five days. I am hoping it will be down to 22K or lower in the morning. It needs to be below 10k. Although he is completely out of the coma and is communicating, he is still very, very weak and swollen. The swelling has diminished some but he still probably still has 20-30 pounds of excess fluid.

Scott is improving a little each day. He is still not out of the woods yet but through God’s grace he soon will be.

From Scott’s story and this latest experience, you can see why I am such a believer in nutritional supplements building the immune system.


Tommy Daniel