Seventh Grader Urges President Obama to Deal with Drunk Driving

The Augusta Chronicle hosted a contest urging middle school kids to write a letter to new President Barack Obama about their ideas for improving our nation. An 8th grader named Anna Rutti wrote: “Another concern of mine is driving under the influence. Innocent people die every day because of drunk drivers. I would like you to make stricter laws about drinking while driving.”

MADD shares Anna’s concerns and hopes its Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving is a priority for the new administration.
January 20, 2009

Drunk Driving Crash Changes Life in an Instant

Color Her Incredible!

Drunk driving crash victims / survivors John and Joan Miller

What would you do, if a drunk driving crash injured your brain, and:

  • your skull broke into 24 pieces?
  • doctors predicted you’d remain in a vegetative state if you survived?
  • you had to relearn to swallow, talk, see, balance, think, walk, tie your shoes, etc.?
  • you had three surgeries to stop seeing double, then one and a half years of vision therapy?
  • you could never drive again?
  • your short-term memory continued to be frustratingly compromised?
  • you were still paying off more than a million dollars in medical bills, nine years after your crash and injuries (and after your insurance paid)?

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